Dermot Kennedy - Live at Electric Brixton 

Dermot Kennedy

Tonight, at Electric Brixton, crowds gathered as Ireland’s Dermot Kennedy took to the stage.

With a steady blend of rustic folk mixed with meditative lyricism, songs such as All My Friends and Shelter provided the perfect soundtrack to an icy autumnal evening while hues of orange of blue shrouded the singer-songwriter into the shadows.  

However, the spotlight shines bright as Dermot has become of the UK’s hotly tipped artists racking up millions of streams on Spotify with singles such as After Rain and EP Doves & Ravens.

Such rugged tones allow Dermot to pack an emotional punch as he roars through Moment’s Passed and delivers with such grit that it rips through bar room chatter like a jagged knife. Kennedy’s vocal range seemed to not only encompass every inch of the venue but carried the tiniest missteps on percussion that don’t quite successfully convey the intricacies of the tracks production.

While between songs Kennedy’s stage presence couldn’t have been more contrary to his performance. Dermot appeared reserved as he stood patiently waiting for a few jovial fans to finish singing inane chants only to be shushed by a few others before continuing to thank his crowd.

With the overall mood being projected perfectly by the venue lighting accompanied by one of the UK’s most prolific writers, Dermot Kennedy provided an evening most won’t be forgetting for a long long time.