We caught up with exciting new band Yonaka for a quick chat just after their set at Standon Calling. 

So you recently recorded your new single Bubblegum at Maida Vale studios, can you tell us what it was like to record there? 

Theresa: It was wicked, I think we were all slightly nervous when we went in and thought maybe it wouldn’t be quite right but actually we just smashed it out so quickly and the engineers working there were amazing. It was really nice and easy and obviously Maida Vale is an incredible, legendary place.

George: The buildings really nice although Theresa thought it looked like a school.

Theresa: Yeah, before I went in there I thought it was going to be this plush luxurious place but when we got there, I thought it looked like a school but it was still incredible.

Rob: They’ve kept all the interior there the same since the 70s so it all just looks really retro.

George: We were being shown around and we walked in on a guy just doing a solo cello thing, it was quite relaxing.


So how’s your summer been performing at all the festivals?

Theresa: Great yeah, we’ve only just started to slow down in the past couple of weeks but we didn’t know we were going to be doing so many! But we love it.

Alex: Download festivals definitely been a highlight.

George: Yeah that was a weird one because we didn’t think we’d be a Download band but God Damn said the same thing saying ‘oh we never saw ourselves as a Download band’ and then they played there once and loved it.

Rob: It was really good, we were playing the same time as Mastodon so we thought there wouldn’t be many people at our set but we actually had a full tent and it was incredible.

George: Me and Al are really big Mastodon fans so we had a bit of leeway before we went on so we just sat at the gate watching them.

Alex: Yeah and between our songs, we could hear them playing which was really surreal.

Rob: Truck festival was awesome as well, that was the first mainstage we did and the step up in production and crew was mental.


Is there anyone at Standon you’re looking forward to seeing?

Rob: Yeah definitely, looking forward to seeing Akala and Fickle Friends


So what have you got coming up for the rest of the year?

Theresa: We have our new single Bubblegum, which comes out in September.

Rob: We’ve also got Reading and Leeds festival, which I’m excited about.

Theresa: Bestival, we’ve actually got a few other festivals coming up.

Alex: And between that, lots of writing and recording for the album.

Theresa: Also the video for Bubblegum, playing it here at Standon was actually the first time we had performed it under the new structure and we can’t wait to play it at all the festivals!