Lullaby - Main Press shot 2017.jpg

Following the release of their fierce new EP, we caught up with lead singer Lewis Knaggs from the awesome new rock band Lullaby. 

What's been some of your highlights this year?

Playing a sold out show with Dead! was great. Also playing with our mates Fangclub at their London headline show was awesome, they are a great band check them out. We also played to a sold out crowd downstairs at the garage, which was a dream come true. That was supporting a band called Shortstraw from South Africa, I think the whole audience was South African so it was basically like playing over there haha, one day hopefully.

Can you tell us about your first gig? 

Our first gig was at the Old Blue Last in Old Street, it was one of those venues growing up that we always wanted to play. I've seen loads of my favourite bands there so to play there was pretty cool for a first show. 

Do you have a record you listen to and never get tired of?

Yeah Aha Shake Heartbreak by Kings of Leon and This Is It by the Strokes, indie anthems!

Following the release of your new EP 'Never Let the Devil In' what can fans expect from you next? 

We’re always writing and recording so another few singles after this and probably another EP, this is just the beginning. 

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