Maggie Rogers - Live at Koko 



Tonight, at Camden’s Koko, singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers stood on stage like a one-woman army. Opening her set with ‘On + Off’ Rogers showed nothing but sheer exuberance as she bounced buoyantly on stage while swaying her silver tassels emblazoned across her body.  

Like a storm in a tea cup, crowds witnessed high levels of energy met with timid declarations as Maggie announces she never knows what to say between songs and yet knew exactly what to say as she revealed true adoration towards her audience before dedicating a song to them all.

New track ‘Give a Little’ helped showcase the untroubled and high-spirited attitude that was palpable throughout while ‘Colour Song’ sang acapella sucked the air right out of the room as no one dared exhale for risk of interrupting such a magnetic and harmonious performance.

Ending with ‘Alaska’ the hit known to have visibly moved Pharrell Williams and becoming a viral sensation, Rogers continuously proves to be a performer in her own right and tonight showcased an array of new songs to get excited about.