The Hunna

Photo by  Jack Lloyd

Photo by Jack Lloyd

Having had a demanding year dealing with toxic record labels, indie rockers The Hunna have come out on top and are ready to show the world that their music is only just the beginning. We caught up with them just before their set at Community Festival.

How’s your year been so far?

Dan: Really weird, a crazy crazy year.

Ryan: We had to destroy a record label.

Junate: Yeah, it’s been good, up and down but we’re in a really good place at the moment with our new management and loads of festivals coming up. It’s looking really good.

How important is it to you that festivals like Community exist?

Jack: Very important, summer is an important time for artists to get your music out there and pick up new fans and show everyone what you’ve got in a shorter set, it’s cool to come out and hit it hard and show everyone a good time.

Ryan: You also get the opportunity to go all over the world to countries that you wouldn’t necessarily get to do on tour, which is great because you get to go to places you’ve never been before and make new fans. We just want the world to hear us and have the opportunity to expand our music to everyone we can.

Community Festival is special to us, we were here two years ago and it was the biggest show we’ve ever played and it was amazing, we had the best time and this one really helped put us on the map, especially round London so it’s a pleasure to be back.

How do you feel about the music industry currently?

Ryan: I think everyone has their own story, we can’t talk about the industry as a whole, we can only speak from our own experience. We know that what happened to us does happen to other artists but I think our case in particular was different because we heard that it hadn’t been handled that badly for so long.

Jack: It’s a crazy industry, we had our ideas of what it could be like but then when you’re in it you can see it’s way deeper than you could have imagined. Throughout we’ve just had to stick to our gut and do what’s right for us and let the music do the talking.

Ryan: There’s a lot of bad stuff within the industry and with some of the people you meet. There’s labels and management that have so much power over an artist because they know you need their resources so they can dictate things to how they want and if they’re not a good person then they’ll do it so you have to be careful.

We were with a very bad dude but that dude is now dead and buried and we’re still here so that’s what’s important.

The fans have always been the main thing, we told them from the start what was going on and why we needed to take a break, we never sugar coated it and they’ve stuck with us the whole way.

How important is artwork to you?

Dan: Artwork is incredibly important to us, it’s just like music and it needs to tell a story. People like Haris Nukem, Katy Cummings, Mila Austin and other people within our creative team have been amazing and we’ve always tried to strive for that exact thing.

Jack: In a way, we’re just at the start with the visuals, there’s so much to come and we know where we want it to go so this is just the beginning.

Dan: That’s what’s exciting about the next step, the people that we’re working with and the fact that we have a real budget so there’s no limitations.

Jack: It’s as important to us as the music. We’re going to go hard with the merch.

Dan: We actually haven’t told anyone this yet but we’re soon to release our own clothing range which is going to be really fucking cool. We can’t say what it is and when it’s going to be released but it’s very creative and dope.

What’s some of the records you love to ramble on about?

Ryan: At the moment, the artist I’d say I’m most passionate about is Phoebe Bridgers. I think the way she writes her lyrics and tells her stories in such a niche way is amazing. I’ve seen some massive artists calling her one of their all-time favourite artists and I agree. In this day and age, she’s absolutely killing it and I love it.

Junate: I’ve been listening to the new James Blake album, he’s got a feature with the artist Rosalia who is a Spanish singer and her voice is incredible.

Dan: I’ve been going through an instrumental phase, been listening to a playlist Ryan recommended to me called ‘Today’s Chill’ and it’s full of instrumental psychedelic electronic music and it’s really educational for out next step. We’re going to be introducing some electronic sounds, some synthesizers and electronic kit so it’s really cool to get a better idea on that side of music before we go and step into it ourselves and it’s just fucking awesome.

Laxcity’s Good Morning is so good, there’s no lyrics but musically it’s so good, I’m addicted to it. Right now I feel a lot of new releases aren’t that great, not really feeling music right now personally, I think I need some more rock bands so that’s been my go to.

Jack: So one of my favourite bands is Glassjaw which is quite old school, I’ve also been listening to a lot of trap music and the rapper Comethazine. So mix from heavy to hard rap.

What have you got coming up?

Ryan: We’re playing main stage at Reading and Leeds and we’re doing two shows with Greta Van Fleet which is going to be rad, we’ve also got a brand new single which is coming out very soon and we’re going to be recording a new album which will be out around March April time next year and we’ve also got a world tour planned.

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