The Nectars 

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With their raw trashy sound already turning heads and gaining interest from record labels, we caught up with indie-punk four piece The Nectars for a chat about their delicious debut track Heaven...

Hi The Nectars, how’s your year been? 

Our year has been amazing! We started the year off with a month long residency at Pianos, which was definitely a highlight of the year. We met a lot of amazing new friends and fans that month and we continued to play more shows after that at The Bitter End and The Bowery Electric in NYC, as well as some local shows at Mexicali Live and Boontunes in New Jersey. In addition to performing, we spent a lot of time in the studio, writing and recording. We finished a few songs at Studio G in Brooklyn with Chris Cubeta (that’s where we recorded Heaven!) and at The Barbershop Studios in Lake Hopatcong, NJ with our dear friend Brett “Ratt” Romnes. Also, we shot three music videos, which we’re extremely excited to release next year, with our good friend Wes Van Heest.  

When you approach studios for free recording time, how has that been received? 

The people that we’ve approached for studio time are always friends of ours in the industry that we trust, enjoy working with and who have taken a serious interest in the development of our band. They really believe in us and we are extremely grateful to them and everything that they’ve done to help us fulfill our vision. 

We love your debut single ‘Heaven’, what was the recording process like? 

Thanks! We recorded Heaven at Studio G in Brooklyn with Chris Cubeta. It was quick and painless really. We set the band up live in the room, got some good sounds on the 2 inch tape machine and tracked the bones of the track together a unit. After that we did a couple additional guitar parts as well as organ, piano, and tambourine. Bounce that into protools and give it a warm punchy mix via the fabulous Chris Sheldon (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Feeder, etc.) Voilà!

Has living in New Jersey influenced your sound in any way? 

Absolutely. There is no way around that for us, the NJ sound is infused within our bloodline. The raw, gritty rock attitude is something that has always felt natural for us. Debbie Harry was born in Hawthorne, Baron's hometown. The Misfits were founded in Lodi, the town over from Mikey's. Rock and roll is ingrained in New Jersey DNA. Don't even get us started about Bruce too, he's often the one of the first places we look musically for inspiration. 

Where did you create your music videos and what can we expect? 

We created our music videos with our friend Wes Van Heest. We typically come up with a plot and a general idea of how we want the video to look, and then we meet with Wes to draw up a storyboard and allow him to really bring our ideas to life. He’s an incredible videographer/director, and he does an amazing job making our vision a reality. This particular video for Heaven is super DIY. We were working on a video for our song We Will Run and after a long day of shooting Wes asked if we wanted to do one more. Never being able to admit when we were tired we immediately set up the kit and just pumped it out. It's got a gritty garage vibe and...YELLOW. Thats all we can say for now. 

Do you have a record you listen to and never get tired of? 

The Strokes - Room On Fire. This is a fucking monster of a record. Every bit about the vocals, drums, and guitars makes us all gooey inside and we feel endlessly inspired by it. Is This It is tight but I'm always impressed by band's that make a sophomore full length every bit as good as their first.

Following the release of your new single ‘Heaven’, what can we expect from you next?

We’ve got a few shows coming up in January, as well the release of our music video for Heaven. We’re playing at Mercury Lounge in NYC on January 7th, Boontunes in NJ on January 12th and The Meatlocker on January 27th. On January 12th, we will also be releasing our music video for Heaven!! We’re really excited about that and can’t wait for everyone to see it! In addition to what we’ve got going on in January, we plan to continue writing, recording, shooting music videos, releasing new music, playing as many shows as possible, and hopefully making our way overseas in the Spring… but we’ll have more on that later. Needless to say, we’ve got an exciting year coming up and we’re really looking forward to it! 

You can listen to The Nectars debut track 'Heaven' here

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