The Old Pink House 


With highly infectious melodies soaked in dreamy synth-pop psychedelia, The Old Pink House are certainly a band worth seeking out. We caught up with frontman Christopher Brown for a quick chat.

How’s your year been so far?

Chris: It’s been amazing. At the start of the year we still hadn’t really done anything, and in the space of nine months we’ve had our music played on the radio, been playlisted on Spotify and got to travel around the UK playing shows with bands we really respect like The Cribs, Anteros and The Amazons. It’s been mental really, I sometimes have to pinch myself thinking about how far we’ve come. 

How did you guys meet?

Max and I had been in a band together before this, which fell apart before it really got off the ground, so The Old Pink House kind of sprang out of the ashes of that. I was writing these ridiculously layered synth-pop songs at home, and then we were playing them as a two piece in a grotty little rehearsal room, which sounded crap. I knew Harry and James through friends of friends and that sort of thing, so we approached them about getting involved and the rest fell into place. 

When it comes to writing and recording your music, can you tell us about the process?

I tend to write the bulk of the music myself in my little home studio. I’ll get an idea which I’ll record on my phone, then I’ll sit at my laptop and try to record a rough demo of it, writing the parts as I go along. Once the skeleton of the song is there, we’ll develop it together in the room and translate it into a full band environment. The process is sort of really inorganic and organic at the same time, because a lot of it is hashed out on a computer, which can be really stilted and sterile, then we breathe life into it as a band.

You're featured on Spotify’s ‘Walk Like A Badass’ playlist, which one of you would you say walks like a badass the most?

Probably Harry. He has such supple, limber legs.

Can you tell us about your fist gig?

It was pretty ramshackle. We played it as a three-piece, because we didn’t have a keyboard player at the time. I think we only had maybe 4 songs, so we had written this really elaborate jam to open the set with just to eat up time. I think we probably sounded terrible.

Following the release of your single ‘Talk’, what can we expect from you next?

We will be releasing a new track in mid October, and we’re doing a headline show in Newcastle at Think Tank on October 27th. We’re really excited for that one, as the last one was a sellout and it’s one of our favourite hometown venues, so it’s going to be pretty special. We’re also doing Live at Leeds Ones to Watch with in November. Can’t wait for that!

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