Two Feet - Live at Electrowerks


Swirling on stage stood a cloud of smoke spiralling from the mouth of a machine or the lips of a bleary-eyed devotee. Its origins unknown as the low-level light helped shroud the secret stoner waiting in anticipation for their modern messiah, the innovator and hotly tipped talent, Two Feet.

Hailing from Harlem, New York. Bill Dess otherwise known as Two Feet rose to fame after a whisky-induced night spent writing song at his apartment. His debut track ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ went on to accumulate a staggering eight million streams on Soundcloud. Two Feet’s blend of hazy vocals helps carry his provocative lyricism over gorgeous guitar riffs and signature baselines that are synonymous with artists such as The XX and Chet Faker.

Tonight, the walls were soaked in sweat as Dess performed to a packed-out crowd. Tracks such as 'Had Some Drinks' and 'Quick Musical Doodles' hit as heavy as they were intended and a surprise cover of Bill Withers’ 'Ain’t No Sunshine' ensured beverages were held up high in admiration. But it was 'I Feel Like I’m Drowning' with its hypnotic harmonies that mesmerised the masses as it looped and swirled on stage and certified Two Feet’s affluent career ahead.