Yonaka - Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow 


Since catching up at Standon Calling back in 2017, English rock quartet Yonaka have gone from strength to strength and are ready to release their highly anticipated album Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow.

‘Lose Our Heads’ is expertly crafted, allowing lead singer Theresa Jarvis’ vocals to soar over stadium sized rock riffs, while ‘Awake’ will be familiar to some as it was previously released under the name ‘Ignorance’. Now with the subtle sounds of electronica pulsing in the tracks background, ‘Awake’ breathes new life as it’s rocky predecessor is given an invigorating facelift.

Both ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Creature’ swagger along to some dance rock roots but tracks like ‘Punch Bag’ and ‘All Fired Up’ are certified crowd pleasers filled with blistering hooks and choruses that will no doubt be sang back twice as loud throughout the festival season.

Anthemic in its execution, Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow harbours a tenacious spirit and one that is destined to find its audience.

 Rate: 4/5